Adult Classes 2019 - NEW 8 Week Spring Cardio Tennis

Adult Classes 2019 - NEW 8 Week Spring Cardio Tennis

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Cardio Tennis is a high energy, fast moving tennis class designed for low intermediate to advanced players who are looking to get a workout while hitting lots of tennis balls .

This is not available for Beginner/Advanced beginner students as there is no instruction. Pro/Student Ratio: 6/1

If the weather looks threatening, please call the Pro-shop at (212) 316-0800 ext. 3 or 4 for updated court conditions. One-week cancellation policy in effect. No refunds given. We are not responsible for make-ups if you miss a class.

Price: $440

SESSION 1: Mon April 1st- Sun. May 26th

Due to the cold weather, the Monday & Tuesday Morning classes will not start until the week of April 8th. We will extend the classes to insure you get an 8 week session. Please feel free to sign up now !

1 Hour class | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat., Sun.

    Cardio Tennis
    Mon 7-8 am•  
     6-7 pm
    Tues 7-8 am• 8-9 am•  6-7 pm
    Wed 7-8 am•   9-10 am• 11-12 • 12-1 pm 
    Thurs 7-8 am8-9 am•12-1 pm • 6-7 pm
    Fri  7-8 am•  9-10 am• 12-1 pm 
    Sat   7-8 am• 8-9 am
    Sun 7-8 am•   8-9 am• 9-10 am• 5-6 pm

    Rain dates Mon. May 27th - Sun. June 2nd